tesla battery day

Tesla Battery Day: what you need to know

Reading Time: 4 minutes

It’s rare that very technical demonstrations of technology and supply chain advancements manage to jump beyond industry and into the public consciousness. But as with all things Tesla, the announcement of the company’s Battery Day was met with significant hype beyond just the storage and electric vehicle industries, and with good reason: teasers in anticipation of the event seemed to indicate that Tesla had discovered a breakthrough in energy storage manufacturing that would reduce the price of batteries to the point that they could begin to produce and commercialize a truly affordable electric vehicle. 

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solar panel testing and certifications

Solar panel testing and certifications

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Like other types of electronics, solar panel modules go through rigorous testing before installation. These tests are critical to determining the quality and performance of panels under particular environmental stresses, as well as confirming they meet mandated safety requirements. In this article, we’ll review the most common testing and certifications for solar panels on the market today.

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solar companies covid pandemic

How are solar companies making it easier to go solar during the COVID pandemic?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Investing in solar is a big financial decision no matter the state of the economy. As everyone around the country (and the world) grapple with the ongoing health and economic impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the question of whether it’s the right time to go solar has become harder to answer financially for many homeowners. With that in mind, a number of solar companies throughout the country introduced new programs to help make paying for solar easier for people who install solar today. 

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rapid shutdown

Rapid shutdown: what you need to know

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you’ve just installed a solar panel system or are looking at a picture of one, you may notice a box with an on/off switch that says “rapid shutdown.” But what does rapid shutdown mean, and why is it important for a solar panel system? In this article, we’ll give an overview of rapid shutdown requirements, how they vary by state, and list some popular inverter options that are compliant with rapid shutdown requirements.

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solar panel installation

Solar panel installation guide: installing solar panels in 5 steps

Reading Time: 6 minutes

More than a million homes have already gone solar in the U.S., and many more homeowners are considering installing solar. If you’re in the market for solar, you probably want to know what actually happens during a solar panel installation, or even how to install solar panels yourself. There are five big steps that need to happen after you sign your solar contract before the solar panels on your roof can actually power your home, and a lot of it is behind the scenes. To show you what you can expect, we’ve outlined a simple five-step guide for the typical solar installation process.

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3kw solar energy system

3,000 Watt (3kW) solar systems: compare 2020 prices and installers

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you have high electricity bills, installing a 3,000 watt (3 kilowatt) solar energy system on your home can be a great way to significantly reduce your monthly costs. In order to maximize your long-term solar savings, you want to be confident that you’re getting a good price for your solar energy investment. The best way to feel confident about your purchase: compare multiple offers for 3 kW solar systems against the prices that other solar shoppers in your area have been offered. Learn more about the cost of a 3 kW solar system in your area, the amount of electricity you can expect your 3 kW system to produce, and the smartest way to shop for solar in EnergySage’s guide to 3 kW solar panel systems. 

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q cells q.home review

The Q CELLS Q.HOME home battery complete review

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Q CELLS is a popular solar panel manufacturer based out of Seoul, South Korea. Like many other solar panel companies, Q CELLS recently decided to expand their business into the energy storage space. Their new product, the Q.HOME ESS HYB-G1, is a modular energy storage solution that can help keep your lights on during power outages.

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