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Party Politics Aside, Solar Power Systems Provide Something for Everyone

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A recent Gallup poll determined that 2 out of 3 Americans want the U.S to put more emphasis on generating domestic energy through renewable sources—And that desire was reflected across political parties. We weren’t really surprised by these findings. When you think about it, clean energy has its perks for almost everyone regardless of their political leanings.







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Shopping for Solar Panel System: Don’t Just Focus on Dollars per Watt

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When shopping for solar photovoltaic (also known as solar panel, solar electric) systems, many businesses and homeowners focus mainly on price. To that end, dollars per watt is a key metric when comparing quotes because it allows the consumer to adjust for differences in system size. While price is certainly an important factor, maximizing the value of your investment both financially and environmentally, involves consideration of several other, equally important factors. Here are some that we think are vital to making the right decision about your solar panel system.  Continue reading

EnergySage and Massachusetts Sierra Club announce solar partnership

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EnergySage is pleased to announce the development of a formal relationship with the Massachusetts Sierra Club to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies, such as solar photovoltaic (electric), solar thermal (hot water) and geothermal-heat pump (space cooling and heating) systems. The joint effort will focus on proactive outreach, education and free advocacy services for owners and decision-makers at commercial properties, including businesses, religious institutions, government buildings, schools and non-profits. The details of this partnership can be viewed here. Continue reading

EnergySage Hosts a FREE Local Event on “A Homeowners Guide to Investing in Solar Panels and Other Renewable Energy”

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Free Information Session On Solar Systems

EnergySage, the authoritative resource on solar panel systems and other clean energy solutions for residential and commercial properties is hosting a Free local event for residential property owners. The event, located at EnergySage Headquarters in Cambridge MA, will be led by Chris Williams, a veteran installer in a broad range of clean energy technologies and thought leader in clean energy technology installation quality and public policy development. Mr. Williams will provide homeowners with practical insight into several common clean energy technologies, including Solar Photovoltaic PV systems, Solar Hot Water and Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump technologies used to heat and cool your home. For more information about this October 25th event and to register, Continue reading

MAJOR MYTH: Solar Panel Systems Are Only a Good Investment Because of Rebates and Incentives

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Lately, there’s been a lot of noise in the marketplace about whether or not solar panel systems would make financial sense without the government tax incentives and rebates that are available today. Even the Wall Street Journal seems to have jumped on the band wagon.  Continue reading

Retiring to Someplace Sunny: Solar and Other Renewables Improve Retirees’ Financial Outlook

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This recent blog post “For Retirement Savings, Solar Power Is a Better Bet Than the Stock Market” from thedailygreen.com shows how one octogenarian couple is using renewable energy to stretch their savings and contain costs in retirement. While this post focuses on solar photovoltaics, any clean energy system—solar, wind, geothermal or biomass—can produce the same benefits. Continue reading

Are You a Begley or Buffet? What Clean Energy Benefits Matter Most to You?

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There are a lot of different motivators that drive property owners to consider clean energy systems such as solar energy panels, small wind or geothermal systems. When you think about alternative energy, how do you approach the decision? Do you take an Ed Begley, Jr. approach rooted exclusively in the environmental benefits? Or, is your approach more akin to someone like Warren Buffet who weighs the pros and cons from an investor’s point of view? Continue reading

Solar lease vs solar loan: How should you finance your solar energy system?

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How do you decide which financing option is best for you? Should you borrow and buy or lease your clean energy system? Today, leasing is generally only available for solar power systems, so if you’re installing a system other than solar, that fact makes the decision for you— borrowing is the only way to go. If you’re considering a solar panel system, however, your decision to borrow and buy or lease will depend on your unique financial and environmental objectives. Continue reading

Solar Energy Systems: The Good and Bad News About What’s Keeping Consumers from Installing Solar Panel Systems.

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A recent EnergySage survey found that close to 90% of the consumers surveyed had at least some level of interest in a buying a solar panel system (and the same applies to other clean energy systems like solar hot water, solar thermal, geothermal, small wind turbine systems). So, if interest is so high, why aren’t more people investing in a solar energy system? Continue reading

Solar Panels: Smart Investment or Big Expense?

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We all know that perception is everything. There’s a huge difference in how people view a $10,000 investment versus a $10,000 expense. So could solar power systems be suffering from a perception problem? EnergySage set out to find out just that.

In a survey of 150 consumers interested in solar energy and other clean energy systems (like solar hot water, small wind turbines and geothermal) for their home or businesses, EnergySage found that 50% of respondents thought of solar panel systems as an investment, 30% considered it an expense, and 20% did not know enough to tell the difference between the two.

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